What Is AceAI Candidate Screening?

Personalized Support

We don't believe in cookie-cutter hiring tests. We always start with getting to know your business. We then individually create technical assessments tailor-made for your requirements.

Test Real Skills

We create a screening test based on an actual project your data scientists will work on. This way, we can assess the exact skills required for your job opening.

Hire The Best, Faster

We take the hassle out of interviewing by ranking candidates and providing you with detailed reports on their performance, so you can make hiring decisions quickly and confidently.

A Better Way To Vet Data Science Candidates

Finding the best data scientist for your company relies on testing technical, analytical, and SME skills. With extensive hiring experience for global companies, we've got you covered.

Our Reports

Data Science interview results can be complex. Our clear hiring reports contain all the key information you need to know to make the best hiring decision for your company.

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