Data Science Job Locations

Where are data science jobs based in the USA?

Posted on April 5, 2020

Data Science Jobs – Where to apply?

Data science jobs have expanded rapidly as firms place increasing emphasis on the importance of big data analytics for their businesses. According to a Forbes article published in 2016, there are 2900 unique data science job postings each month. The article noted that the top metro areas for data science positions include San Jose, New York, Washington DC, and Seattle. However, a quick look at indeed job postings for data scientists identified many data science positions scattered across the United States including in Boston, Dallas, Minneapolis, Portland, and the Atlanta metro areas.

Geographic Differences in Industry Focus

Each metro region has its own industry-specific jobs. For example, Silicon Valley has a plethora of tech jobs and start-ups. Major leading tech companies such as Apple, Hewlett Packard, Google, Paypal, and Facebook have significant bases in the California tech centers. Moreover, the concentration of venture capital in the region enables the growth of one of the world’s most sophisticated start-up hubs across industries such as healthcare, finance, and social media. As compared to the west coast tech hubs, the Washington DC metro area has many federal related jobs. The region is home to the Pentagon, the NIH, the FDA, and other major federal agencies that support health-related and national security jobs. Further north, NYC is a major finance and insurance hub with many finance, marketing, and insurance data science jobs. Finally, in the northeast, the Boston metro region is a major healthcare hub with access to the country’s top talent including graduates of Harvard University and MIT.

Cost of Living and Data Science Salaries

With so many data science jobs all over the nation, applicants often report salaries as one of the most important determinants of job acceptance. According to Emsi, top-salary hotspots include Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Washington DC, and New York. However, once the cost of living is taken into account, Boston, New York City, San Diego, Los Angeles lose approximately a fourth of their salary value. In comparison, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, and Minneapolis have an approximately equal or slightly increased median salary. The wide regional variations may be driven in large part due to housing costs and tax disparities. Hence, it is not just the salary but also the cost of living that applicants should take into account when deciding on accepting a new job offer.